Country Malaysia
Company name MZEC
Your plywood quality is quite durable with the common ground of Vietnamese plywood products that I have imported before
Country Malaysia
Company name Lengteck
After receiving the goods, my company found the goods to be more beautiful than our expectations. Hope we can have a long-term cooperation in the future.
Country Malaysia
City Selangor
Company name Gaia Wood
This is the first time we work together but i see that you guys really have responsibility for doing products and support enthusiastically my company to have a great deal.
Country Singapore
Company name Senwan
After your business trip to Singapore,I have seen the sincere cooperation of V-star and your enthusiasm when coming to our country to open up business opportunities between the two sides and in addition to the long-term friendship between people and people, company and company
Country Malaysia
Company name JF
I find that the prices you offer are quite stable, although the Vietnamese market has a period of lowering prices to enter the goods, V-star still puts quality first and stabilizes prices.
Country Malaysia
Company name GT Wood
I am very happy that you always welcome me warmly in the name of a working friend whenever I have a business trip to Vietnam. When we have the opportunity to return to Vietnam, we can sit together for a talk