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Packing Plywood

Packing Plywood is the most cost-effective plywood, used in jobs that do not require too much in terms of quality and surface. Often used to make pallets, pack goods in freight forwarding.

Commercial Plywood

Commercial plywood is the manufacturer's way of referring to a type of board that is better than ordinary plywood (packaging board). The difference lies in both the production process and the selection of raw materials.


The advantage of Melamine is that it has uniform properties, has a diverse surface with many trendy rich colors. Especially, it is very difficult to fade and has high scratch resistance. In addition, Melamine is also resistant to termites, waterproof, chemical impact and extremely good impact resistance.

Film Faced

Film Faced Plywood (Film Faced Plywood, WBP Film Faced Plywood): This is a new technology product, used in high-end construction projects. The surface is covered with a layer of black or brown film, the inner layers are glued together with water-resistant glue during the heat press process.

LVL(Laminate Veneer Lumber)

LVL stands for Laminate Veneer Lumber, this is a popular industrial wood that is made with many applications and can replace sawn timber with many advantages such as: Stronger and more durable structure. Fumigated and free of mold. Can be reused up to 5 times.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets have very low water (moisture) and ash content, so when burned, they generate high heat and burn clean. Fuel pellets are limited to 1% (Premium Grade) to 3% (Standard Grade). Compared to conventional firewood, wood pellets produce less ash because firewood has bark.